About SYB

Hello there, my name is Christine and I love cooking for baby showers especially when I get to a challenge. This is actually my hobby as I needed a real job to keep up with my creative lifestyle. Since I was small, I tried almost everything that was kid friendly. Painting, dance lessons and even fishing but helping my mother out in the kitchen as well as following her to organize parties were my favorite. I don’t actually consider listening to music as my hobby because I do it all day long.

Celebrating a baby was always exciting as everyone gave out happy vibes and even gave colorful presents. They really brighten my childhood memories. The reason I created this website is to share my wonderful memories and also to help shower your baby glamorously. From Blueberry Themed to a Full Chocolate Themed party, I have seen it all. I really hope my suggestions and tips will help you in the future! A fun fact about me is that I came to love painting when I was 18 and I painted a mural over my bedroom wall. Happy Scrolling!