Purchasing a Stainless Steel Cookware

Not many people pay attention to this feature but it is very important when you’re purchasing stainless steel cookware. If you have a big family and they love home cooked meals, the type of handle that you have on your cookware is definitely important. There are two types of handles that are commonly used which is the welded and riveted handles. It also depends on the price that you spend during the purchase of your cookware.

Welded VS Riveted handles

Of course, welded handles look much nicer than riveted handles but it is definitely not much safer. Welded handles does not have small bolts or screws. The metal is melted and sticked to the pan. Although it is much easier to clean and is more hygienic since the food does not stick at the rivets, it can fall off without warning from the pan. Imagine if you’re carrying a large amount of hot soup and the handle detached from the pot. You will risk injuring yourself.

Riveted handles are much safer and they are a usual feature on high end stainless steel cookware. These handles last much longer and you can definitely feel if it’s going to get loose. It gives more control of the cookware and you won’t hesitate to work with large amount of liquids.

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stainless steel cookware

Multitasking has never been easier since I got myself the Farberware Classic Stainless Steel 3-Quart Covered Stack ‘n’ Steam Saucepot and Steamer. Boiling chicken soup and steaming broccolis have never been easier. Not only does it save my time, my children said that the broccolis taste much more flavourful. I think it’s because of the chicken essence. This stainless steel cookware has not only helped me with my cooking skills, it has helped me to get more house chores done.

Endless Possibilities

Now, the reason I steamed broccolis is because my children love them. However, you can also steam fish and carrots. You can take the steamer out if you don’t like it. Alone, I’ve been boiling sweet potatoes, reheating soups, and making oatmeal porridge for my kids. I really like the handle as I feel like it traps the heat inside and makes the food more flavourful.

As a full-time mom, this stainless steel cookware has saved my life. Not only that, it is also very easy to clean.

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What Types of Stainless Steel Cookware Are There?

There are hundreds of stainless steel cookware types. Differentiating them can be a challenge since they are designed to be used for different purposes. So how do you tell which is the right cookware for the kind of cooking you want to engage in? In this guide, today we are going to tackle the various types of stainless steel cookware that are available and tell you of their use. Read on.

Fry Pan/ Sauteuse

Just as the name suggests, it is the best for frying. It can however be used for sautéing, scrambling and searing. Its walls are usually covered so that food slides out easily and it also eases stirring. Its sides have also been made in a sloping manner to keep steam from getting formed during cooking.

Sauté Pan

Also, known as sautoir, it has a very large bottom to maximize the transfer of heat. From its name, it is clear that is best used for sautéing. Other cooking practices that can be achieved using this pan include:

  • Searing.
  • Stir frying.
  • Braising.
  • Poaching.

Its sides are straight and high. They are designed this way to contain the food.

Straight Sided Sauce Pan

It has a wide bottom which helps it in maximizing heat transfer. Normally used for making sauce and in cooking veggies. Lids can be used to increase the cooking pace.

Sauce Pot

Do you want to cook slow? Then this is the right cookware for you. It can be used for slow cooking:

  • Casseroles.
  • Stews.
  • Sauces.

It has two loop handles which make it easy to pour from it. Its bottom is also large so that it conducts heat efficiently.

Roasting Pan

It is a heavy ware equipment that can be used for roasting and takes in hams and turkeys. It has been made with handles that make it easier to load and unload them and make them easy to transport.

There are also bakeware types that are available and they include:

Angel Food Cake Pan

Made with a tubular design, it consists of a hollow center which is useful in ensuring that heat is evenly distributed. Its surface is non-stick an important aspect in baking. There are also 3 cooling legs that are ideal in the cooling of cake.

Bread Loaf Pan

It is deep and this gives room for the bread to rise. It can also be used for baking cakes. Its material is made of excellent heat conductors; therefore, you only need a little heat to work with it.

There are so many more types of stainless steel cookware available. I may not be able to discuss them all here but I can list those that I have not mentioned yet:

  • Tart Pan.
  • Paella Pan.
  • Springform Cake Pan.
  • Pie Pan.
  • Egg Poacher.
  • Muffin Pan.
  • Stock Pot.
  • Rondo Pot.
  • Sheet Pan.
  • Cast Iron Skillet.
  • Cake Pan.
  • Wok

Extra cookware reading :

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A Cheap and Trustworthy Stainless Steel Cookware

Buying a long lasting and exceptional stainless steel cookware will not cost you a lot. There are many cookware brands that have manufactured and adjusted the price and features. You can easily find aluminium or copper being used as a core to make sure that your entire meal is cooked evenly. Nowadays, they use high-end stainless steel cookware features in affordable cookware sets. One of the great stainless steel cookware pots and pans that you will find on the market for below 150 dollars is the Calphalon Classic.

Calphalon Classic 10-Piece Set

stainless steel cookware

These pots and pans have been customize to aid college students and people who are looking to buy cookware under a specific budget. It comes with a tight fitted tempered glass lid which ensures that the flavors of the food are preserved. The handles are made to resist heat and you can definitely sauté food without worrying if the handle will fly off as all of the stainless steel pots and pans have been secured with double rivets.

It has an aluminium base and you can even transfer them from the gas stove to the oven. If you have an induction cooker, this cookware can also be used on it as it has a flat bottom. It has also been tested to be exposed to high temperature. The manufacturer has also included a full warranty if there is any defect with the product. The only to do is to preserve the quality of the cookware.

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